Malay Culture in Brief

DLS Malay Syllabus

Malay CULTURE in Brief

  1. The word ‘lah’ is used widely by Malays to stress a sentence. It carries no meaning.
  2. In general a man should not shake hands with Muslim women, and a woman should not shake hands with Muslim man as it is forbidden in Islam. However, if one offers to shake hands, most Malays will not refuse
  3. It is common in Malay culture to ask certain personal questions such as one’s status ie single or married, numbers of children etc… (so, don’t take it personal.. or you may avoid answers)
  4. The Malays only eat HALAL food, therefore it is respectable only to have meal with them at HALAL Restaurants. HALAL means the meat has been slaughtered in Islamic way only
  5. Malays usually eat using their hands. They are usually helpful, friendly and rich of smiles
  6. To scold or raise voice to a Malay in public is very offensive as Malays are very sensitive and shy
  7. In general, Malays are very reserved and extremely shy to speak up as they try their best not to offend anybody
  8. Certain offensive manners in the western world may not be offensive or accustomed in the Malay culture such as western table manners, asking personal questions, etc

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