Trainers for SKM Level 2 please be ready

We will start SKM Level 2 from Monday 4 Feb 2013, starting with Demi Chef course, followed by Senior Chambermaid on 5 Feb, the F&B course on 6 Feb 2013. All trainers involved please contact Pn Sarina Salim (Level 2 co-ordinator) or Mr Faisal Md Salleh (DLS-GTS Manager) and please be sure the following documents are ready for Week 1 :

  1. List of participants for The Danna (10 Demi Chef, 10 F&B Captain)
  2. List of participants for Tg Rhu (10 Demi Chef, 10 F&B Captain)
  3. List of participants for GTS Apartments (20 Senior Chambermaid)
  4. Print the following documents for all Apprentices involved : NOSS (Job Profile), NOSS Matrix, Training Pathway, Penilaian Kendiri, 40 week Schedule
  5. Borang Akujanji to be signed by all Apprentices
  6. Contract to be signed by all Apprentices – 4-way contract for Tg Rhu & The Danna, 3-way contract for GTS Apartments
  7. All apprentices need to present – I.C copy (3 copies), CIMB account information and registration fees for JPK, Insurance and contract
  8. Attendance list for 1st month to be signed by all apprentices

The following Trainers are fully responsible for the smooth running of SKM programs :

  1. Mr Faisal Md Salleh – Manager in-charged & F&B Captain
  2. Pn Sarina Salim – Co-ordinator Level 2
  3. Pn Rokiyah Abu Hassan & Pn Zainun Bidin – Demi Chef
  4. Pn Rusanah Chin – Senior Chambermaid

You may re-check your Modules and adjust contents where deemed necessary. Please be sure Audio Visual Aides (AVA) are ready and up-to-date. DLS wishes you all the best and thank you in advance for a great co-operation.