DLS – The final set-up

DLS management office has officially moved to No 36, 1st Floor, Psrn B Raya, Langkawi Mall. The three key management personnel are Mr Faisal Md Salleh as a new Manager and overall training co-ordinator, Pn Sarina Salim as Level 2 co-ordinator, Mr Hidayat as Admins assistant in charged of DLS-GTS Apartments. All training programs are carried out at DLS-GTS No 36 and no longer at DLS No 30.

The former DLS office is now closed for public, however it is gradually going into transformation into DLS Hostel, catering for long-term stay for students from non-English speaking countries who are learning English, and back-packers. The maximum capacity of this hostel is 15 pax. This hostel is equipped with a multipurpose room (TV &/or reading room), a hot beverage counter, a bathroom, 2 mini lounges and a dish washing area. By mid-March, this male hostel is scheduled to be opened for public at RM30 per night/person.