New schedule for April onwards

Participants and trainers for SKM courses please be informed that we will adjust our learning package during this 1 week break. As per directive from JPK, we shall follow the guidelines provided recently.

For practical assessments, only those courses carried out in-house by DLanguage STUDIO or with GTS Apartments can be conducted during theory lessons. The courses are : Senior Chambermaid 2, Housekeeping Supervisor 3 and Front Desk 2.

For other courses, ie F&B 2&3, Demi Chef and CDP, the practical assessments shall be carried out at Rebak Island Resort and Tg Rhu Resort.

As our courses are arranged as single tier Level 1&2, then it is most practical to carry out modules in the following pattern in the future :

Eg : Senior Chambermaid 2

  • Week 1 : Module 1 (Level1)
  • Week 2: Module 1 (Level 2)
  • Week 3 : Module 2 (level 1)
  • Week 4 : Module 2 (Level2) …. etc

The above shall be arranged when we do mapping in the new NOSS Matrix

For those courses which have already completed Level 1 especially Senior Chambermaid and F&B 2, please carry on with subsequent modules. For Demi Chef, there will certainly be a change. The maximum number of assessments for Theory and Practical shall be 12 each, therefore a new approach for Demi Chef is now required as we are currently carrying out 27 assessments each. Other courses are already within requirement.

In the new schedule, soft skill courses will be included such as Customer Service, Communication, basic Internet Knowledge etc.. These soft skill courses will be conducted by GEO Training STUDIO. During soft skill courses, it is expected that apprentices and trainers should use this opportunity to update their portfolio and assessment papers.