SLDN active partners 2013

DLS is very grateful to be able to work together with 3 SLDN partners this year, ie Tg Rhu Resort (5 Star), Rebak Island Resort (5 Star) and GTS Apartments (No Star).  Whether with 5 star resorts or no star resorts, the idea of this training program other than incentives  generating is to commit ourselves into social obligation of increasing the numbers of qualified personnel in the hospitality industry, especially in this world Top 10 island, Langkawi.

This year we conduct 2 different Levels of SKM, ie SKM 2 and SKM 3. As for SKM 4, ie Skills Diploma, students are able to make use of their EPF accounts, though we certainly hope that the government will provide incentive offers for Skills Diploma next year should we carry out these programs outstandingly successful.

Tg Rhu Resort is our latest partner in this program led by The Human Resource Director, Pn Zainab Shuib and SLDN Co-ordinator Pn Nor Suriati Md Zain. With 40 level 2 students and 28 Level 3 students, Tg Rhu is assisted by 8 Coaches from the kitchen department (headed by executive Chef Anuar), 2 Coaches from H.Keeping department (headed by Mr Jalil) and 4 Coaches from the F&B department (headed by Mr Samberi). We are also glad to inform that most of the Coaches have already attended the Industrial Coach Program conducted by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK). We urge those who have not attended this 5 Day course to do so, soonest as this program is available in Langkawi (expected in Sep 2013). Only those who have attended this program will be able to carry out their duties more effectively.

DLS is very optimistic of the success of these programs as we have built great ties with all personnel involved from Tg Rhu Resort who have provided great and undivided co-operations indeed, and our gracious thanks to Pn Zainab Shuib who made it all possible for us. We look forward for a very positive and meaningful relationship with Tg Rhu Resort, for the sake of building strong Human Capital values in Langkawi.

Our SLDN Coordinator for Rebak Island Resort this year is Mr Abdul Rahim Mohammed Hassan, assisted by 1 other Coach. For various reasons, Rebak has only agreed to accept 10 students this year, though we had initially offered another 20. As is it now, there are only 9 students who still remains at Rebak.

Even though GTS Apartments has no star, it has bravely accepted 25 students, ie 20 students for Level 2 and 5 students for Level 3. Practical programs at GTS Apartments is assisted by 5 Coaches, headed by Mr Muhammad Ali.

DLS still misses The Lanai this year. As there could be a change in management, we both decided not to risk the program, as the victims could be the students themselves. Awana and The Danna rejected this program this year, therefore participants from these 2 resorts are carrying out their practical obligations at Tg Rhu and GTS Apartments at the moment. We certainly hope that The Danna and Awana (now Resorts World) will reconsider this program next year should they receive an offer.

Here is the list of Hotels and Restaurants who have registered to conduct SLDN Programs in Langkawi :

Tg Rhu, GTS Apartments, DLS Apartments, The Danna, Awana, The Lanai, The Datai, Pelangi Ameritus, The Westin, Best Star Resort, Nadia’s Inn, Sandy Beach, Global Ikhwan Restaurant, Layalie Al-Syam Restaurant (Lagoon), Jai Island Cafe and many more.. Registration Certificate is no longer be valid once a company changed its name.

Hotels which are interested to register this program are welcome to contact us for complimentary briefing.