New Head of Program

It’s one step ahead!!

DLS has promoted the following personnel with new responsibilities :

  1. Head of Housekeeping and Front Desk Programs : Pn Sarina Salim
  2. Head of Food & Beverage and Kitchen Programs : Mr Ahmad Faisal Md Saleh

Pn Sarina Salim is now in-charge of HT-050-2 & 3 (Housekeeping), and L-160-2 (Front Desk)

Mr Ahmad Faisal Md Saleh is now in-charged of HT-010-2 & 3 (Food & Beverage), and L-041-1,2&3 (Kitchen)

Head of Programs are responsible for the following :

  1. Ensure all trainers conduct teaching according to standard procedures
  2. Ensure all trainers provide complete end of month report, ie signed students attendance, record scores of PP and PT in appropriate logbook
  3. Ensure all trainers follow teaching Modules based on fixed schedule
  4. Ensure all trainers follow up logbooks from their students
  5. Check students portfolio on regular basis and follow up with trainers on weaknesses
  6. Prepare monthly claim documents according to standard procedures
  7. Ensure all modules are in accordance to latest Training Pathway and NOSS Matrix
  8. Represent DLanguage STUDIO when visiting Syarikat SLDN fortnightly for the purpose of assisting, collecting relevant documents (PP) and getting signatures for monthly claims

Elected Examination Committee Members :

  1. Mr Ray (Head of Committee, Theory F.O, F&B 3 & CDP )
  2. Mr Faisal Md Saleh (Head of F&B & Kitchen Courses)
  3. Pn Sarina Salim (Head of HKeeping & F.O Courses)
  4. Pn Rusanah Chin (Theory – HKeeping 2&3)
  5. Mr Rashidi Rejab (Theory – F&B 2)
  6. Pn Rokiyah Abu Hasan (Theory – Demi Chef)
  7. Chef Mahmad Anuar (Practical – CDP & Demi Chef)
  8. Mr Samberi Ibrahim (Practical – F&B Courses)

Note : Please refer to ‘Laporan Kemajuan Bulanan’ for tentative date of Final Exam and Committee Meeting to coordinate and set Final Exam program. Program Coordinators from Syarikat SLDN are most welcome to join this meeting. This meeting must be carried out latest 2 months (Sept 2013) before the Final Exam (scheduled for Mid November 2013)

Locations of examination (4 Days event, 9.00 – 2.00pm) :

Students from Tg Rhu, Rebak and GTS Apartments will be combined as follows :

Day 1

  1. Theory & Practical F&B 2 (20 pax) at Tg Rhu
  2. Theory & Practical F&B 3 (14 pax) at Tg Rhu

Day 2

  1. Theory & Practical Demi Chef (20 pax) at Tg Rhu
  2. Theory & Practical CDP (13 pax) at Tg Rhu

Day 3

  1. Theory HKeeping 2 ( 20 pax) at DLS Training Center (36) , Practical at GTS-DLS Apartments 32 & 40
  2. Theory HKeeping 3 (15 pax) at DLS Resources Center (30), Practical at GTS-DLS Apartments 32 & 40

Day 4

  1. Theory & Practical FO (15 pax) at DLS Training Center (36)