Theory Lessons completed for SKM courses

We have completed all theory lessons for Front Desk, Food & Beverage Level 2 & 3, Housekeeping Level 2 & 3 and Demi Chef. As for Chef de Partie, the theory class is expected to be completed on 21 June 2013.

However, students will continue their practical at Tg Rhu Resort, Rebak Island Resort,  GTS Apartments and DLanguage STUDIO until 30 Nov 2013, except for Front Desk Course, which will be completed by 30 Aug 2013. The final examination for Front Desk will be on 24 Aug 2013 (tentative).

Students will need to continue writing their logbook for 6 days a week, except that theory lessons will no longer be required to be inculded in the report as they have been completed.

Trainers are expected to compile all Assessment marks, record in the assessment logbook and finally key in to the system.

DLS management does not need to remind trainers of what they need to do. Trainers who failed to complete their tasks and responsibility as expected will be disqualified for 2014 SKM session, as Trainers who performed for the sake of money but not for the sake of their students are assumed incompetent.