Corporate Information

DLanguage STUDIO (DLS) is registered at Malaysia Skills Department (JPK) as National Dual Training System center (NDTS/SLDN) and runs the following businesses :

  1. DLanguage STUDIO as Hospitality NDTS Training Center
  2. DLS STUDIO Apartment as NDTS Industry Center
  3. Foreign Language public courses (English, Mandarin, French and Arabic)

Under NDTS program, the SKM Theory Classes are conducted at DLS HQ and/or DLS appointed venues, whereas SKM On-Job-Training is carried out at DLS NDTS Industry partners

DLS runs its courses with 5 experienced Language Facilitators, 10 Skilled and experienced SKM Trainers and 10 SKM Industrial Coaches, whereas all its NDTS Industry Partners run SKM courses with their own appointed coaches.


36 1st Floor, Persiaran Bunga Raya
Langkawi Mall Langkawi
07000 Kedah
Tel : 604 – 967 2979 / 966 6979
Fax : 604 – 966 0258

Incorporated 2003

Company Number : RA0008145-X

SLDN Code : NDTS Training Center – PD0096, NDTS Industry Center – SD0396

Ministry of Finance Reg No : 357-02167149

Vision To establish an Internationally recognized Hospitality andTourism Skills College by 2015


  • To research and continuously improve the methods of developing human competencies
  • To identify and enhance the common platforms for corporate vision and individual ambition
  • To expand the relevancy of corporations to meet holistic needs of all interested parties through competencies that deliver
Administration Principal : Raizam Tamin (DjRay)
Facilitators, Trainers and Coach :
  • Language Facilitators : Raizam Tamin, Syed AlFarly, Hj Ismail Md Noh, Ms Saloni
  • SKM Trainers : Raizam Tamin, Sarina Salim, Rusanah Chin, Rokiyah AbuHasan, Khairul Anuar Abu Hassan, Zainun Bidin, Rashidi Rejab, Faisal Md saleh
  • SKM Coaches : Raizam Tamin, Zaidi Mohamad, Muhammad Ali
Legal Advisor : Abdul Kadir Mohd Sakti Dato Aros
DLS is registered at the following Departments/centers
  • Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran Malaysia
  • WespacKonsult SB
  • Bostonweb Academy Malaysia
DLS Clienteles
  • The Danna Langkawi
  • The Westin Langkawi
  • Sheraton Langkawi
  • Tg Rhu Resort Langkawi
  • Bayview Langkawi
  • Casa Del Mar Langkawi
  • Bostonweb Academy
  • VADS (Value Added Data Services – Subsidiary of TMNet)
  • Rebak Island Resort Langkawi
  • Langkawi Tourism Action Council
  • Tourism Malaysia
  • Tg Sanctuary Resort Langkawi
  • PEHRDA (Perak Human Resource Development Authority)
  • Datai Golf Langkawi
  • The Andamans Langkawi
  • The Lanai Langkawi
  • Maybank Langkawi
  • Proton Edar Langkawi
  • MRSM Langkawi
  • Langkawi Technical School.