Arabic Language Program at Berjaya concludes

DLanguage STUDIO would like to thank En Mazlan of LADA, who initiated Arabic Language Level 1 program at Berjaya since 2 May 2013, who also invited DLanguage STUDIO to conduct the program. Our trainer Tn Hj Ismail Hj Md Nor said, from an initial of almost 40 participants, only 19 were eligible for a participation certificate by the end of 2 month program which concluded tonight.

Arabic language is a little different than other languages which use roman alphabets, and that includes Mandarin and Japanese. It is not possible to romanize arabic as each alphabetic character of this language carries its own sound and meaning.

We propose to those who have attended Arabic classes Level 1 to re-enter in a second round to grasp a better understanding. DLanguage will once again organize foreign language campaign for 2014, in conjunction of Visit Malaysia Year (Truly Asia) 2014. Languages which will be carried out are Arabic, Mandarin, Russian and French. Should these programs be supported by the Malaysian government, the only fees a participant need to pay shall be RM50. Otherwise, the whole fees for a 2 month course of  32 hours shall be RM 400, ie RM50 for registration, and RM350 for the course.

Please click here to book for Foreign Language 2014.