About Retails Course

DT-010-3 Retails is a 16 month skill course entitles an apprentice to a Skill Certificate Level 3 (SKM 3).

This is an apprenticeship training method called SLDN (NDTS), which stands for Sistem Dual Latihan Nasional (National Dual Training System) in which, 20% of the course is conducted in the classroom as theory (Pusat Latihan), whereas 80% at a practical venue (Syarikat Industri).

DLanguage conducts this system via The Human Resource Ministry Malaysia, and accredited by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) as Center number PD0096, which entitles DLS to carry out this training together with any registered Industrial Centers (Syarikat Industri) which are registered under JPK Malaysia.

The only registered industry center in Langkawi is HIG Complex.

Upon completion of this course, an apprentice is expected to be able to carry out duties as sales representatives of retails outlets (shops and supermarkets) correctly, effectively and in accordance to the standard of procedures.

There are 10 modules (view modules) set by JPK. Each module is complete with work activities which lead to theory and practical lessons