Malay Communication

Course Outline

Learning Outcomes

Participants are able to :

  • Communicate effectively using correct Malay grammar
  • Differentiate Present, Past & Future Tenses and use them correctly
  • Construct sentences and questions correctly

Duration : 12 Weeks, 2 Days per week, 2 Hours per session (Total 48 hours)


How to use these Modules?

  1. In each week, there are 2 parts,  ’A’ refers to Day 1 whereas ‘B’ refers to Day 2, ‘C’ refers to extra notes
  2. Each Module covers parts of the essentials of Malay
  3. Each Module links to English communication Syllabus for reference

Level 1

  1. Introduction (Free Preview)
  2. Nouns, Pronouns, Articles and Quantity
  3. Interrogatives and Conjunctions
  4. Numbers, Days, Months, Year, Time
  5. Preposition and Adjectives
  6. How to use Malay Verbs
  7. How to translate ‘verb to be’ to Malay
  8. How to Construct Malay Sentences & Questions
  9. Let’s Speak Malay (Video Lessons)
  10. Using Prefix and Suffix with Malay Verbs
  11. Passive Voice
  12. Using Prefix and Suffix for Malay Abstract Nouns

English – Malay Glossary Terms

  1. Common Nouns
  2. Common Malay Verbs, Prefix and Suffix
  3. Adjectives
  4. Abstract Nouns

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