The Corporate Affairs

DLanguage STUDIO has already handed over all online tasks to DjRaySTUDIO. This means that all online inquiries, web mastering, language registration and skill courses registration will be handled and answered by DjRaySTUDIO from now on. For a long time, all these tasks have been handled by DjRaySTUDIO anyway but only today DLS has officially handed it over. The function of DjRaySTUDIO is to promote DLS and our newly formed company called GEO Training STUDIO Sdn Bhd intended to carry out tourism related courses. DjRaySTUDIO shall centralize and promote the activities of DLS, GTS and its other clients.

All in DLanguage STUDIO now!!

Dear all,

We have received many restless comments regarding confusion over 2 websites.. ie DLanguage STUDIO versus DjRay STUDIO. In order to solve this confusion, we think it is best to compile everything in just one website. We will now write all posts in DLanguage STUDIO. All links to DjRay STUDIO will be diverted to DLanguage STUDIO from now on.

In this website, lesson pages require subscription to access, but DLS BLOG POSTS  and All Clips About Langkawi will be accessible by all. Also, subscribers will only be able to write comments in this website but will not be able to write a post. In order to write a comment, visitors do not need to login, just write your name and email address in the comment box.. and your comment will be approved by the administrators upon review. In the near future, we would like to select a few bloggers as our English or Malay authors. Those who are interested to write may Contact us.