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Makcik.. ni.. satu kilo berapa ni?.. asam ni?
Auntie.. this.. one kilo how much this?.. this tamarind?
Tiga ringgit..
Tiga ringgit
Tiga Ringgit
Asam jawa tiga ringgit
Tamarind RM3
Satu kilo berapa?
One kilo how much?
Dia kira satu bungkus ni tiga ringgit.. setengah kilo ke makcik?
She counts (considers) this one packet (as) RM3.. half kilo is it auntie?
Ha.. setengah kilo
Yes.. half kilo

Restaurant Lesson2


Buah-buahan jenis apa yang ada?
What type of fruits do you have?
Carrot, oren, apple, nenas, tembikai.. tomato
Carrot, orange, apple, pineapple, watermelon.. tomato
Berapa harga satu tembikai?
How much is the price for one watermelon?
Dua Ringgit
two Ringgit


1. Buah-buahan jenis apa = fruit type what?
Reverse the positions of any noun used with an interrogative. We can also ask this way : Apa jenis buah-buahan? = what type of fruits? When the English sentence uses ‘of’ betwee 2 nouns, the pattern is the same in Malay, eg : The skin of the fruit = kulit buah., kulit = skin, buah = fruit. ‘The’ = itu, means ‘that’. Also, ‘of’ needs to be omitted
In Malay, the/that is translated to ‘itu’ only if it carries a meaning ‘that’

2. Berapa harga satu tembikai = How much price one watermelon?
One water melon = satu tembikai, when using a quantity with a noun, the pattern is similar to English

3. In the above dialogue, the hidden word is : a glass of = satu gelas. When a Malay says one watermelon in a restaurant, it really means a glass of watermelon.

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