SLDN 2017

This year is a totally different year compared to previous. We have decided the following :

1. DLanguage no longer carries out hospitality courses as these courses are now conducted by our associate GEO Training STUDIO

2.DLS only carries out DT-010-3 Retail course with HIG as the Industry Center

3. We have decided not to pursue any longer with DKM program due to the following reasons :

– apprentices are incapable

– too high expectation from JPK

– intolerance assessors


SLDN Khas Kelas Teori Tahap 2

Kursus perhotelan SKM tahap 1 pengambilan 5 Sep 2011 akan tamat pada 29 Feb 2012. Kelas Teori untuk tahap 2 akan bermula pada 4 Mac 2012. Sila ambil perhatian pertukaran hari untuk kursus F&B, iaitu sesi malam pada hari Ahad dan sesi pagi pada hari Isnin. Klik di sini untuk muat turun Jadual Tahap 2

Barisan pengajar untuk tahap 2 adalah seperti berikut :

  1. F&B Captain : Cikgu Ray, Mr Samberi
  2. Senior Chambermaid : Pn Rusanah & Pn Sarina
  3. Demi Chef : Chef Zamzuri & Pn Rokiyah

Barisan pengajar untuk pengambilan kedua (dijadualkan dalam bulan Mac/April 2012)

  1. F&B Waiter : Mr Samberi, Mr Rashidi
  2. Commis : Chef Rokiyah, Chef Jafri, Chef Zamzuri
  3. Pastry : Chef Khairul & Chef Irwan
  4. Chambermaid : Pn Rusanah, Pn Sarina, Mr Fuad

Bagi perantisan pengambilan kedua pula, peruntukan yang dimohon dari kerajaan adalah seperti berikut :

  1. Pastry : 30 (sudah penuh)
  2. Commis : 30 (masih ada 5 kekosongan)
  3. F&B : 20 (masih ada 10 kekosongan)
  4. Chambermaid : 20 (masih ada 10 kekosongan)

Kepada mereka yang ingin memohon pengambilan kedua, sila lah segera kerana pengambilan seterusnya ialah pada bulan September 2012

New Courses offered by DLS

Effective January 2012, DLS will conduct 2 new courses, ie Pastry level 1-3 for those who are interested in baking cakes and pastry, and Bakery level 1-3 for those who are interested in making bread. The current in-house chefs who are conducting Commis and Demi-Chef courses are indeed qualified pastry chefs themselves.  We are honoured to have these 2 trainers (chefs), Chef Zainudin and Chef Khairul who will be carrying out this extra duty next year.

So far we are running SKM level 1 & 2, and we will offer our first level 3 courses by third quarter of 2012. In 2013, DLS will offer its first level 4 courses ie DKM (Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia) or Skill Diploma. DLS will then offer its DLKM (Diploma Lanjutan Kemahiran Malaysia) or Advanced Diploma in 2014, after which the students will be able to continue their studies at local university for Degree and Masters.

Current list of on going hospitality courses (level 1&2) at DLS : Commis, Demi Chef, F&B Waiter, F&B Captain, Chambermaid, Senior Chambermaid

Future Courses (level 1&2) – 2012 : Front Desk Assistant, Asst Pastry, Asst Baker, Nature Guide

Future Courses (level 3) – 2012 & 2013 : Chef de Partie, Housekeeping Supervisor, F&B Supervisor, Tourist Guide, Front Desk Supervisor, Pastry Maker, Baker

DLS Trainers

Permohonan dibuka sekarang!!

Kursus Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia untuk tahap 1 dan 2 di dalam pelbagai bidang akan dijalankan serentak seluruh Malaysia mulai bulan Ogos 2011. Kursus ini dinamakan SLDN Khas dan terhad kepada syarat-syarat berikut :

  1. Calon yang tidak tamat 11 tahun persekolahan
  2. Gagal SPM (iaitu tidak layak sijil SPM)
  3. Tidak pernah menyertai kursus SKM sehingga tamat
  4. Tahap umur ialah 16-35 tahun sahaja
  5. Tidak bersekolah lagi.
  6. Calon yang sedang bekerja tetapi tidak memiliki sijil kemahiran amat dialu-alukan.

Kursus ini dibiayai sepenuhnya oleh kerajaan, dan calon yang berjaya akan mendapat elaun bulanan sebanyak RM300 sepanjang kursus.

DLanguage STUDIO menawarkan kursus-kursus berikut :

  • Peramusaji dan Kaptan makanan – Tahap 1&2 (Food & Beverage)
  • Kemasan bilik – Tahap 1&2 (Chambermaid)
  • Kulinary – Tahap 1&2 (Culinary Arts – Commis & Demi Chef)
  • Kemasan bilik Tahap1 dan Kaunter Hadapan Tahap 2(Chambermaid & Front Desk)
  • Pemandu Pelancong Tahap 3 (Tourist Guide)

Kepada yang tidak layak mendapat pembiayaan kerajaan akan diberikan pembiayaan dari swasta dan badan berkanun lain.

Sila daftar di sini sekarang!

Senarai nama pendaftar di laman web ini akan dihantar ke Cyberjaya sebelum tarikh tutup permohonan.

Kursus dijangka bermula bulan Ogos 2011. Tarikh tutup permohonan  : 26 Julai 2011

DLS joins SP Inn

We would like to thank SP Inn Sungai Petani for inviting us to collaborate in SKM hospitality training via SLDN method. DLS plays the role of  SLDN Training Center whereas SP Inn as SLDN Industry center. Training programs are expected to start in July 2011. Even though this may just be a 1 year collaboration, DLS looks forward to working together with SP Inn hopefully for a longer period of time in the future. As such, DLS will appoint new trainers from Sungai Petani in the fields of front desk, food & beverage, housekeeping and culinary arts. It may also be possible that DLS trainers from Langkawi be sent over to SP Inn if the needs arises, especially when it comes to value added courses such as foreign languages.

DLS is now officially granted by JPK to run 10 different courses (level 1-3) via SLDN method. The total number of courses with different levels are 17. We thank JPK for the previous assessment made at DLS which led to the approval. DLS was previously used as a northern venue running SKM courses for Kolej Negeri, and that will not be possible anymore in the future, as we have decided not to pursue with any collaboration whatsoever with Kolej Negeri. Nevertheless we thank Kolej Negeri for giving us the opportunity to gain experience and hence maturity in handling SKM courses. We are quite ready to do it ourselves now.

The NDTS Industry Managers

Firstly we would like to congratulate Alya Cafe at Langkawi Police Academy for being approved by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) to become another NDTS center (National Dual Training System). The coaches as approved by JPK are Aziz Ahmad, Kamarulzaman Salleh and Ahmad Tarmizi Zakaria. And the courses applied and approved are Food & Beverage Level 1&2, Culinary Arts Level 1&2.

Therefore it completes the circle of collaboration requested from JPK between DLanguage STUDIO (DLS) as NDTS Training center and all approved NDTS industry centers. In this dual system, DLS will be working with the following travel agency, hotel and restaurant : Rebak Island Resort, Best Star Five Resort (now Adina drive-in motel),  The Lanai, Langkawi Lovely Holiday,  DLS STUDIO Apartment and Alya Cafe.

We hope there will be new SKM apprenticeship from July 2011 sponsored by the government. Apprentices will be nominated and registered via the NDTS industry centers. In doing so, the industry centers may appoint DLS as their NDTS Training Center (meaning for theory classes), whereas the practical sessions for the apprentices must be carried out at the industry centers. View schedule and apprenticeship hours.

Who are the managers of the NDTS industry centers?

  • Rebak Island Resort – Elia Adura Sahari
  • Best Star Five Resort – Wan Kamariah Yahaya
  • The Lanai – Tengku Omar Hussein
  • Langkawi Lovely Holiday – Mohd Syafiq Abdullah
  • DLS STUDIO Apartment – Raizam Tamin
  • Alya Cafe – Kamarulzaman Salleh.

What are their duties? To make sure the coaches do their job accordingly, check apprentice logbooks, and to make sure the apprentices are given maximum exposure to the skills they are learning. The duty of a coach is to train (ie coach) the apprentices, using tasks lists provided by JPK and sign apprentice logbooks. The tasks lists are called NOSS (National Occupational Skill Standard)

NDTS industry managers will also need to submit monthly report to JPK (online) on the apprentices progress, and this procedure will be assisted by DLanguage STUDIO being their training partner. The monthly report is important as it determines the speed of allowance provision to the apprentices, NDTS Industry Centers and NDTS Training Center. In other words, No Report No Money!!

Managers who have not submitted coaches resume are urged to do so immediately, as these documents will need to be sent to CIAST (Centre for Instructor & Advanced Skill Training) for further recognition and official coach appointment. For coaches who have not undergone Industry Coach training, please be patient.. as we will now request for JPK to conduct the course in Langkawi. This will be a 5-Day training course. We hope that coaches will find their means and ways to be present when invited to this course, so as to be fully prepared on how to train skill workers according to the standard set by JPK

One step ahead for The Lanai and DLS Apartment

We have just received confirmation from Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) that The Lanai and DLanguage STUDIO Apartment are now approved as new NDTS industry centers. Congratulations to both companies. It means that The Lanai and DLS can immediately enroll apprentices for SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia) courses.We do expect JPK’s approval for Rebak Island Resort and Alya Cafe within this week. In case there is no approval yet, it could be very well caused by lack of documentations, therefore we need to check and recall should there be any document pending to be forwarded to JPK (eg : coach resume) View other NDTS Industry Centers

Under DLS STUDIO Apartment platform, DLS is now eligible to take apprentices for Tourist Guide, Chambermaid and Front Desk Assistant courses. Congratulations to the following Coaches who have been approved by JPK for DLanguage STUDIO : Raizam Tamin, Rusanah Chin, Nurhartini Abdul Rahman, Sabrina Sukardi & Malek Mohamad. DLS looks forward to working with new coaches in order to achieve skilled and trained industrial workers for the future.

The Lanai is now eligible to take apprentices for Front Desk Assistant, Chambermaid, Food & Beverage and Culinary Arts courses. Congratulations to the following approved Coaches : Hafeeza Rosla, Ahmad Jafri Ahmad Shuib, Mazlina Khazali, Tengku Omar Hussein & Mohd Fuad Abdullah.

As NDTS is a program run together by 2 entities, it means that all apprentices will undergo their industrial training at the industry center (eg : The Lanai and DLS Apartment) for 5 days, but they will have to come to DLanguage STUDIO once a week for theory class.

DLS would like to convey sincere thanks to JPK for their trust and support in recognizing and approving the industrial centers we have recommended.